Flash Studio Norte | Platos de rodaje


Why Flash Studio Norte?


Because we are up to your greatest productions.

We offer you our experience, premises and dedicated customer service to respond to the challenges that your productions need.


Because we have everything you need in one single place!

Flash Studio Norte was born only after we had gained an invaluable experience in shootings; this is how we know most of the things you will need. Our studios have been conceived, designed and built specially for shooting. This means that everything in it is meant to serve this purpose. This is a great advantage compared to those industrial premises used occasionally as shooting environments.
We not only offer you two different sets, but a whole range of production facilities and services designed to help you and your staff: make-up rooms, dressing rooms, offices, VIP lounges, dining halls, private parking, very high gangways, workshops, warehouses, soundproofing, acoustic treatment, air conditioning, and of course, our dedicated customer service.
Our premises are modern and ready to house all the necessary services that your greatest productions need, no matter if they are advertising, TV or film productions.

Because we have the expertise.

Flash Studio was born in 1987 as an answer to an increasing demand in the audiovisual Spanish market for sets devoted to advertising shootings. In 2004, based on our previous experience, we created Flash Studio Norte, a bigger, more professional and modern environment to serve the most demanding productions.
During all these years we have been learning and improving our idea of a quality shooting studio, where besides of the stage, we find additional facilities to work comfortably.

Productions shot at Flash Studio Norte