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Our facilities

Everything you need in one single space.
En Flash Studio Norte Flash Studio Norte has all the necessary premises and facilities needed to the smooth running of every production. Likewise, we assure the comfort of actors, executive and production staff offering you VIP lounges, offices, private parking, dining hall, etc.

The sets.

Big sets for big productions.
We offer you more than 2,000m2 (6,500ft2) split in two big sets:
Set 01 with 800m2 (2,600ft2) and Set 02 and Set 2 with 1,200 m2 (3,900ft2).

Cada plató cuenta con sus propias dependencias asociadas dotando a cada uno de ellos de todos los servicios necesarios.

First floor:
Offices, make-up and dressing rooms, WC, stairs, and meeting rooms.

Second floor:
Lounge, open plan space, stairs, access to gangways and workshop.

Ground floor (sets):
Back private street, cyclorama (23 m - 75.5 ft), interior access street, gangways at 9 m high (29.5 ft), private parking.

Set 1 Set 2 Download
plan .pdf

First floor


Second floor


Ground floor (sets)



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